Terms of Service of Academia Europea Online academiaeuropeaonline.com

Effective Date: July 15, 2019
Last updated: July 15, 2019

Versión 1.0

Academia Europea Online, operates the website “www.academiaeuropeaonline.com” (hereinafter the “SITE”). This website has been designed primarily to offer content and services of personalized sessions for Spanish speakers with a learning process, training, and perfection of foreign languages. Academia Europea Online constitutes an online e-learning (or e-learning) platform (online) and allows interaction with the material through various computer tools. Those who use the services and the existing content in this SITE, must always read and accept beforehand the conditions of this document, which contains the guidelines and rules that are required to comply with them, as well as any other future service or content offered by Academia European Online. Any use of the platform in violation of the obligations, limits, and scope mentioned in this document, or in other local or international regulations, will be considered as unauthorized.

1. Acceptance

This document represents a License Agreement of the European Academy, Online which governs: (a) the connection to the European Academy Online platform, and (b) the use of the content and services contained therein, whether at present, or in the future. Entrance to the platform, as well as the use of the content or the practice of exercises, or the participation in online sessions imply the acceptance of the conditions stated here. Any instance of access or use made without the acceptance of these conditions will be considered as unauthorized. Therefore, those who disagree with these conditions will be prohibited from accessing the platform, its contents, sessions, and any related material.

Access to the platform may require certain user information, which will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Users are obliged to know the terms expressed in said policy, and their acceptance, in turn implies the acceptance of the Privacy Policy. Academia Europea Online reserves the right to modify the terms of said policy, without prior notice. Modifications to the Privacy Policy will take effect at the time they are published on the site.

Users may not use this website to transmit, distribute, store or infringe any applicable regulations, or breach the trademark, trade secret or any intellectual property right. For this purpose, European Academy Online may determine the infractions and consequences that it deems necessary, as a result of any illegal act or fact that causes any damage to it.

Users undertake to make proper use of the Platform, that is, to use the services established in relation to the Privacy Policies and other regulations and instructions made known to them.

2. Minimum age required

Access to the platform requires a minimum age of thirteen (13) years. Access to the platform through persons under 13 years of age will be considered as unauthorized, and therefore is prohibited, unless they are made with the authorization of responsible adults (parents or guardians), who can assume their vigilance and assistance, as well as taking full responsibility for the actions of the minor in their care.

3. Registration

To access the platform, an initial registration is required, purpose is to collect the user’s contact data, as well as verify their identity. The information declared in the registry must be reliable, and will be treated as an affidavit. The provision of false or adulterated information will be considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions established in this document, the user being responsible for facing the resulting damages, both for the European Online Academy and for third parties, as a consequence. The access data (email and password) assigned to each user should be treated as private, and should not be shared with other users, or third parties. The content and services of the platform are provided personally, and therefore it is prohibited that two different people share the same user assigned on the platform. The situations in which this information is compromised, must be immediately informed to Academia Europea Online, which can take the necessary precautions to generate a new password, previously verifying the identity of the user through the mechanisms it deems appropriate.

4. Notifications and communications

To make contact with Academia Europea Online, users may send their communications to: soporte@academiaeuropeaonline.com Notifications and communications sent by Academia Europea Online to the email address declared by the user upon registration, or the one that appears as a sender box, will be considered effective and fully valid. Likewise, communications that consist of notices and messages inserted in the Site, or that are sent during the provision of a service that are intended to inform users about certain circumstances will be considered effective.

5. Access to the European Academy Online platform

The European Academy Online Platform


Users who wish to participate in European Academy Online must register and subscribe to a language study plan or private sessions in the European Academy Online by accessing the website www.academiaeuropeaonline.com. Once the compliance of THE COMPANY has been obtained, the user may initiate a user session and make use of the services.


Users are prohibited from attempting to violate security measures on this platform, as well as: (i) try to interfere with the service, host or network; (ii) alter or modify our website, and (iii) try to test the vulnerability of the system.

6. Access to services and content within the European Online Academy

Academia Europea Online is a platform composed of multiple services, content, and communication resources between users, such as: i) Live sessions: live foreign language sessions are taught on the Site, you can access live group or individual sessions , according to the purchase of hours and packages. The live sessions contemplate the possibility of receiving and sending audio and video of the dictation of a session by a professor from the European Academy Online. Live sessions are especially important for learning and improving pronunciation in the foreign language being studied; ii) Courses: courses are pre-produced by Academia Europea Online, which are accessible in the content catalog of Academia Europea Online. There are courses for all levels of learning, and they are organized in such a way that users can access different courses, as their level of study language rises; iii) Exercises and practices: at European Academy Online there is a large amount of practice material and exercises that are very helpful in the learning process. iv) Communication tools: within the Site users can add comments in the communities that are registered and thus interact with other users; v) Creative activities: the users can take part in a variety of creative activities that will allow them to generate materials of different types, where knowledge acquired in the language under study is put into practice. The services and content provided by THE COMPANY are subject to modification, deletion, and / or replacement at any time by THE COMPANY, consequently the number, type, quality, conditions of access and use of the services, and / or content offered may vary over time, without requiring any notification to users.

7. Memberships

There is a large number of content and services in Academia Europea Online, for which access users must have a membership in Academia Europea Online. Memberships will vary according to the products or services that the user wishes to purchase; everything related to the acquisition of memberships, which have been stipulated in Commercial Conditions for the Acquisition of Online Services.

8. Responsibilities, powers of direction and control over services and content
8.1 Powers reserved

Academia Europea Online reserves all control and management powers of academiaeuropeaonline.com, in particular the services, contents, and communications existing within it. They may, consequently, introduce all the changes and modifications they deem appropriate; may add, alter, replace, or delete any of the services or content at any time. Each user, or in the case of a parent or guardian, will be exclusively responsible for the manifestations or the actions carried out within the framework of the European Online Academy. However, when the European Online Academy receives a complaint that indicates that a user has unjustifiably suffered a violation of any of their rights, they will immediately take the necessary measures to avoid the continuation of the harmful situation after the confirmation of the complaint.

8.2 Authorization for interception, access, and diversion of communications

The user expressly grants authorization to Academia Europea Online, to allow it to monitor, supervise, intervene, capture, intercept, divert, access, suspend or interrupt the electronic communications sent through Academia Europea Online for the purpose of providing the service, or by any other type of circumstance that in principle and on a preventive basis is identified as dangerous, potentially dangerous, or unwanted by the European Academy Online. The User acknowledges and accepts that the activity of Academia Europea Online in relation to its communications is consented and necessary for the provision of the Academia Europea Online service. In the same way, the User authorizes European Academy Online to divert, suspend, or interrupt their electronic communications sent through the European Online Academy for the purpose of performing maintenance and / or updating their computer systems.

8.3. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for services and content

The services of Academia Europea Online are provided only as an auxiliary learning tool. Academia Europea Online assumes no responsibility for any consequence that results directly or indirectly from any action or lack of action that the user undertakes based on the information, services, or other elements that are accessible through Academia Europea Online.

European Online Academy will not be responsible for the loss of data and / or files, whatever the causes, people or circumstances that have caused it, except when this derives from its own exclusive fault or intent. Academia Europea Online will not respond in any case of the usefulness, suitability, availability, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, relevance, timeliness, legality, or veracity of the contents existing in Academia Europea Online. Academia Europea Online will not be liable for a) the damages that the user may suffer, arising from the Internet’s own risks, including by way of example, the interaction between the Academia Europea Online platform and the user’s equipment, or alteration by third parties of the information transmitted through the European Academy Online or hosted on the user’s computer equipment or the European Academy Online; b) the alteration, loss or subtraction of data processed through public communications networks. Academia Europea Online will not be responsible in the event that the user experiences access problems to Academia Europea Online, derived from the use of obsolete computer equipment or programs or through poor quality Internet connections or low bandwidth. Academia Europea Online excludes any responsibility for damages of any kind that may be due to the disappointment of the expectations that users may have attributed to the services of Academia Europea Online. EUROPEAN ACADEMY ONLINE EXCLUDES, WITH ALL THE EXTENSION ESTABLISHED BY APPLICABLE LEGAL ORDERING, ANY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES AND INJURIES OF ALL NATURE THAT MAY BE DUE TO THE TRANSMISSION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, OBTAINMENT, OR ACCESS TO DISPOSAL EXISTING CONTENTS IN EUROPEAN ACADEMY ONLINE. Academia Europea Online will not be liable for losses or any circumstance, whether of the user or a third party, that may arise from the loss, theft, or misuse of any user access code or password. The provision of the Site will be considered under the “as-is” mode (“in the condition it is in”) and without any warranty, express or implied, of any kind on a specific result.

8.4 Confidentiality of information

European Online Academy will treat user information under strict confidentiality rules in safekeeping of your privacy.

Academia Europea Online commits only to use personal data in relation to the established purposes, and in the same way it will treated under security measures, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times.

9. Use of the services and content provided by the European Academy Online

Users must use the services existing in the European Online Academy in accordance with the provisions established in these Terms and Conditions; with the legal system under which the European Online Academy is governed, and to which they are subject by reason of the place, of the persons, or of the matter in question, considered as a whole; and according to the behavior guidelines imposed by good customs. Any use of the services that aims to contravene the rules and modes of operation provided by the European Online Academy, injure the rights of third parties, contravene the legal order, or constitute an offensive practice will be considered as a PROHIBITED USE of the services or contents, as it violates the purposes for which it was made available to users. Without prejudice to the legal actions born at the head of the European Online Academy or third parties, when the use of the services carried out by a user can be considered as PROHIBITED USE, the European Online Academy will take the measures it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, being able to suspend or prevent access to the services or contents to those users involved in their prohibited use, without this having to mediate any previous communication.

10. Provisions on Intellectual Property
10.1 Ownership of the material of the European Online Academy

As a general rule, ownership of all existing material within the European Online Academy corresponds to the European Online Academy. All titles, intellectual property rights in and for European Online Academy, and the contents incorporated therein, mentioned without limitation in this statement, any text (regardless of its format – articles, notes, stories, fables, dialogues, narrations, compositions, study guides, practical exercises, teaching, etc.), videos, photographs, drawings, illustrations, characters, characters, names, titles, brands, designations, phrases, methodological systems, structural designs, graphics, compositions musical and audio recordings, evaluation methods; The particular form of presentation of these elements and all related documentation are the property or license of the European Academy Online.

10.2 License in favor of users

With respect to the contents and services included in European Academy Online, users will be authorized to access and use those elements when the purposes of such use are those specifically provided by European Academy Online. Academia Europea Online reserves all rights in the aforementioned material and does not assign or transfer in favor of users any rights over their intellectual property or that of third parties. Consequently, its reproduction, exhibition, distribution, and / or modification must be expressly authorized by European Online Academy Online, otherwise considered an illegal activity in violation of the intellectual property rights of European Online Academy. THE EXISTING CONTENTS IN EUROPEAN ACADEMY ONLINE HAVE BEEN CONCEIVED FOR THE PRIVATE USE OF THE USER. THE COPY, THE TOTAL OR PARTIAL REPRODUCTION, AND THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE CONTENTS OF EUROPEAN ONLINE ACADEMY CONSTITUTE A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY LAW. MEMBERSHIP GIVES RIGHTS FOR THE USE OF THE CONTENTS, BUT DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE OR ENABLE ITS APPLICATION FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE EXPRESSLY REFERRED TO IN THIS DOCUMENT. THE COMPANY WILL TAKE KNOWLEDGE OF VIOLATIONS ON ITS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND WILL DENOUNCE THE FACTS IN FRONT OF THE AUTHORITIES IN THE PLACE OF RESIDENCE OF WHO HAD COMMITTED THE INFRACTIONS.

10.3. Licensing of user rights in favor of Academia Europea Online

The user grants to t European Academy Online a non-exclusive license, on the contents, messages, or works that may be incorporated into the European Academy Online site. The intellectual property rights licensed by the user will include the use by Academia Europea Online of the contents in any format or support, and by any system, procedure, or modality existing and / or known or not present throughout the entire term in which the user has exclusive rights to the material, comprising the following rights:

I.- Disclosure and publication: Understanding by them the right to make the work accessible or made available to the public for the first time.

II.- Direct or indirect reproduction: It is understood as such the right to fix the work in whole or in part, provisionally or permanently on the Site, in any format by any system or procedure or means that allow its communication. The digitalization of the work as well as the storage in digital form in an electronic medium will be considered as an act of reproduction authorized by the user.

III.- Public communication: It is understood by such right to any act that in any medium or format and by any system or procedure allows a plurality of people to have access to the work set in the European Online Academy, demanding or not the payment of a price, or by any other free or conditional access system.

These are especially considered acts of public communication of the work:

b) Incorporating the work into a database available to the public.

IV.- The incorporation of the work into other works, including those that have eminently advertising purposes.

V.- Secondary holdings: Licensed rights include the use of extracts, sequences, or fragments of the work for its reproduction, distribution, or public communication in an isolated and independent way or by incorporation in other works, productions, publications, broadcasts, recordings, Internet pages, software, or databases, sound or audiovisual.

10.4. Third party content

In use of the services offered on the Site, the user may have access to content provided by other users or third parties. Academia Europea Online makes its best efforts to control the material that is supplied to it; however, the user accepts that it may eventually be exposed to third-party content that is false, offensive, indecent, or otherwise unacceptable. Under no circumstances may European Academy Online be held responsible for such circumstance. Academia Europea Online does not extend any guarantee on the legality, reliability, and / or legitimacy of the material provided by third parties. The access and use of the elements, products, or services provided by third parties outside of Academia European Online will be solely at risk of the user.

11. Procedure in case of carrying out activities of an allegedly unlawful nature

Whoever has a legitimate interest and considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illegal nature of the use of any content and / or the performance of any activity on the Site, and in particular, of the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights (literary works, graphics, photographs, videos, patents, industrial models and drawings, trademarks and trade names, etc.) or other rights, you must send a notification to the European Academy Online containing the following information:

(a) personal data: name, address, telephone number, and email address of the claimant;

(b) specification of the allegedly unlawful activity carried out on the Site and, in particular, in the case of an alleged violation of rights, precise and specific indication of the protected contents as well as their location within the site;

(c) facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of said activity;
(d) in the case of violation of rights, authentic signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed on, or of the person authorized to act on behalf of and on behalf of the latter;

(e) clearly expressed declaration under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and of the unlawful nature of the use of the contents or the performance of the activities described.

12. Personal Data

To use some of the Services, Users must provide certain necessary personal data (hereinafter, “Personal Data”). Academia Europea Online will automatically process Personal Data for the purposes as well as under the conditions defined in its Privacy Policy published by Academia Europea Online. Academia Europea Online has adopted the security levels of protection of legally required personal data. However, the User must be aware that Internet security measures are in no case absolutely impregnable.

13. Availability of the European Academy Online platform
13.1. Activity time

Academia Europea Online makes its best efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the services provided by Academia Europea Online, however, it does not guarantee the continued and uninterrupted provision of the Site. Likewise, the computer systems on which the European Online Academy depends may not be available due to technical difficulties or connectivity failures, or for any other circumstance outside the European Academy Online. For their part, the user acknowledges and accepts that the visualization and access to the services provided by the site are only possible thanks to the infrastructure of third-party resources such as Internet connection providers, software and hardware providers, nodes of interconnection, data carriers, electricity providers, etc., over which the European Online Academy has no control. In knowledge of this, the User expressly waives claim to any repair based on the subjective or objective responsibility of Academia Europea Online for failures, slowness, and / or errors in the access and use of the service, due to connectivity problems, communications, failures or breakdowns in computer systems, or other possible contingencies. Nor will the European Academy Online be responsible in case of service interruption or deficiencies in its provision when this is a consequence of:

  1. a) Failures caused by computer viruses, Dos or DDoS attacks, unauthorized intrusion to computer systems, and any other circumstance that could be classified as a computer crime;
  2. b) Fortuitous event or major force;
  3. c) Cyber ​​terrorism acts according to the scope given to the definition by the UN;
  4. d) Criminal acts of third parties, such as sabotage, damage to facilities, interruption of telecommunications, government acts, emergencies, natural disasters, economic and financial crises, war, and;

e) Strike or other union force measures.

13.2. Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

Occasionally Academia Europea Online may temporarily interrupt access to Academia Europea Online by Internet users, for security reasons, for updates, for maintenance, or for restructuring of the resources of Academia Europea Online destined to improve their services, as long as they do not exceed fifteen (15) accumulated monthly hours, or five (5) continuous hours. In this case, European Academy Online will ensure that interruptions affect the Site as little as possible.

14. End of service

The User may at any time cancel his registration on the Site and delete his user account with all the data associated with it. Academia Europea Online will discard all the data related to the User, close its profile, and delete all records related to it. However, given that there is certain information or material that the User may share with other users, it is possible that certain specific data and / or material and / or content provided by the User, will be maintained even when said User has canceled their account at the European Online Academy. Academia Europea Online may, however, at its sole discretion temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate a user’s account, without prior notice to the user, and without the invocation of any cause being necessary, proceeding in this case to the elimination of All information related to the account.

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